Without any doubt, Instagram has one of the biggest reaches throughout the social media apps and can really provide your Practice with some much-needed help. Instagram has some specific things which should be taken into account when using it to help you get new patients reaching out to you. Therefore, let's talk about some of the tips you can rely on when using Instagram in your business.

Creativity Is Mandatory

Of course, you might be interested only in the success of your Practice. This usually involves providing the treatments that you have available, and moving into the better smiles dentistry that patients are looking for.

However, you must always rely on your creativity or at least try to find creative ways to promote your dentistry. Moreover, when showcasing the treatments that you have available, it is important that you focus on what they can do – what solution they offer to certain problems. Do this instead of posting a bulleted list of everything you do.

talk with your audience – ask them questions, tell a story about the challenges that have been addressed at your Practice

Stories Are Not Only for Celebrity Practices

Let’s say, for example, that you have high quality posts and made in a professional way. Of course, they might attract some patients – but not as many as you want. Another important thing to remember is that people like it when a Practice is transparent.

Namely, you can make use of the Instagram Stories feature to show behind the scenes photos or short videos. Maybe a day at the surgery, or your team working on behind the scenes processes; it will leave a great impact. These don’t have to necessarily showcase your treatments or your offers. They should only tell a story that has happened within your Practice, among your team and the like.

Don’t Give a Speech – Have a Conversation

One of the things a lot of Practices forget when showcasing their treatments (or when giving some information to their potential patients) is the way they are speaking to them. Some Practices rely on a robotic, monotone speech that has the sole purpose to inform their viewers of their new treatments. But that’s not what you should be doing on Instagram.


Instead, talk with your audience – ask them questions, tell a story about the challenges that have been addressed at your Practice. In any case, remember to have a personal tone when writing your posts’ description.

After all, we can hear commercials all day – radio, TV, outdoors. A business that’s present on Instagram should be a business of the people. It should be something that cares about their opinion and which expresses itself in a way that’s relatable to them.

Focus on Relevant Hashtags

A hashtag is used to advertise your post to those Instagram users that are interested in what that hashtag is about. Therefore, if you put the #teethwhitening hashtag under your post, but the treatment you are trying to advertise is about anything but teeth whitening, then people will begin to lose trust in your marketing messages.

The hashtags that you use should refer to your post – both photo and description. Don’t try to lure in more people by using 5 hashtags that are not related to your Practice and its products or services at all.

By focussing on these tips, your Dental Practice should start receiving more enquiries for the treatments you offer.